August 2008


It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year …
Back to School Basics



by Shelley Moore

That traditional holiday tune plays in the back-to-school ad, as gleeful parents traverse the aisles of school supplies.  For most parents, this time of year can be bittersweet as the kids head back to the classroom.  But for the sentimental types, or those of us who are partial to the Jack Johnson reminiscing of our school days it can be a time of renewal.  I still get butterflies in my stomach as I remember that feeling of excitement of a fresh slate . . . a new teacher, a new set of classmates and a new opportunity to excel in a particular subject.

In Del Mar, this too is a wonderful time of year as the beaches begin to settle down and the Del Mar Foundation’s September Twilight concert marks the end of another summer.  A new First Thursday series kicks off and our final grant cycle brings in funding requests before the October First deadline.  Additionally, as Board terms expire, new members bring new ideas, strengths and possibilities to the Foundation.

As thoughts turn to strategic planning and 2009 budgeting, the butterflies begin fluttering about what a new year will bring.  The lessons learned in the Foundation’s 26 year history refresh the relationships of the Del Mar Foundation with its grant recipients – such as Friends of the Powerhouse, a 501(c)3 born from a foundation fund with its own life and goals.   The Foundation’s recent challenge grant for the groups’ fundraising efforts to build the Safety Center is just one of the transformations of the Foundation’s role in Del Mar.

As with all forms of growth and learning there are preconceived notions, but as every new school year unfolds, the unknown vanishes and experience reins.   Getting involved with the Del Mar Foundation’s Founding Endowment can be similar.   Just ask Founding Endowment Members, Carolyn Kling, Betty Wheeler, Cory Grant, Lynn Gaylord, Sam Borgese, Joel Holliday, Richard Earnest, Kim Filanc or Joe Bruderer-Schwab.  As the opportunity to provide larger grants, the growth of the Community Endowment holds the promise of what a community foundation brings to the Del Mar.

The Community Endowment provides that methodical planning of parents who begin saving for a college education before their child even begins school. Actually the Del Mar Foundation’s Founding Endowment Member’s investments will be better able to launch the ideas such as “Keep Del Mar Clean”.  It is the dream of the investment returns that will create a self sustaining revenue stream for the community reducing the annual requests for funding.  It is the hope that will provide for greater implementation of programming.  Additionally, building upon the relationships there lies the opportunity to turn more complex gifts like bequests, annuities or retained life estates into funding for major projects and programs in Del Mar that are yet to be conceived.   

A balance on the Endowment spending will require the delicate investment into the current programs as well as the building of principal that will sustain less fruitful economic times.  Just as a parent invests in a child’s extracurricular growth while saving for tuition, there is value in both with the rewards of a better future.  The Del Mar Foundation Founding Endowment is doing just that for the needs of today and the dreams of tomorrow.