May 2, 2008



A Sponsor or Gift In-Kind Is Worth More Than . . .



By Shelley Moore

There is an old saying that a "Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in The Bush," meaning that it is better to have the actual advantage than the chance of a greater one. In the case of the Del Mar Foundation's generous sponsors, in-kind donors and underwriters, that is certainly true!

Our dedicated Foundation Board Members and creative volunteers look for ways to stretch their program budgets to enhance the Del Mar Foundation's already wonderful work. This year we are certainly fortunate to have support from some of Del Mar's most generous supporters.

As you attend a free Twilight Concert this summer, we hope you will join us in recognizing this season's underwriters: Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, El Pollo Loco, Epazote, Pacifica Del Mar and Poseidon on the Beach. When you are having a special meal out, we encourage you to frequent these sponsors. While you are at it, let them know you appreciate their help to make these special community events possible.

The most generous and ongoing support of the Del Mar Foundation's Twilight Concert's comes from Supervisor Pam Slater-Price and the County of San Diego . And if that was not enough, this year, local businesses heard from Pam's husband, Hershell Price, as he worked with the concert committee to match the County's support securing the sponsorships listed above.

In-kind support is also a great way to enhance the Del Mar Foundation's work. An example is underwriting a special event such as the one that Joel and Rosanne Holliday hosted in their beautiful home for the Founding Endowment members. I am certain that the Holliday's would also recognize Randy Gruber of Americana for his support to make this first annual event one that they were able to enjoy as well as host.

Other forms of in-kind help also include the prime Stratford Square office space that Joe Bruderer-Schwab, Del Mar Foundation President, shares with the Foundation. This convenient spot provides a local physical space for Foundation business.

All of these valuable gifts, whether in-kind donations or cash to offset direct budget needs, help make the contributions of time and money received from community members, like you, go that much further. These donors insure that a greater portion of your support goes directly to make grants to the community and provide the programs to build community. We hope this knowledge will encourage you to join us by making your gift of time, money or goods to the Del Mar Foundation.