MAY 30 , 2008



Our circle of friends is growing! Won't you join us?


By Shelley Moore


While attending a recent Foundation Board meeting with several new members in attendance - I felt a true sense of why I love what I do so much. I love working with people one-on-one to figure out a way to make their ideas come to life. And that means getting to know people who might never have thought about the Del Mar Foundation before. It means inviting anyone and everyone to meet and talk about Del Mar. Simply RSVP to (858) 635-1363 or

People like our most recently elected Board member, Carolyn Kling, who has brought a new spirit and energy to the Founding Endowment efforts of the Del Mar Foundation. Carolyn has widened our circle of friends, bringing neighbors and friends with her. Carolyn initially became involved as a result of her decision to learn more about the Del Mar Foundation after reading our newsletter.

When I first met with Carolyn I learned of her philanthropic work in San Diego. Lucky for the Del Mar Foundation, it was her desire to focus on Del Mar and be of service a little closer to home. Carolyn brings over twenty-years of investment consulting experience. She has worked with individuals, families and family foundations. Carolyn has gained investment consulting experience with financial institutions as an executive with Portfolio Management Consultants, Transamerica Asset Management, Putnam Investments and Continental Insurance Corporation Asset Management (CICAM).

That experience while quite impressive, pales in comparison to Carolyn's energy to jump in and join the Del Mar Foundation Board and Founding Endowment donors who are committed to investing in making the future grant funding possibilities much grander and possibly more proactive. For many the idea of making a gift that won't be used for something tangible today is often a stretch. However, if you look at the history of the Del Mar Foundation and you like the fact that we have helped launch people's ideas into non-profit organizations, building and renovation projects, open space preservation and maintenance investments then you might find the endowment makes a lot of sense. Or if you like how these things have made Del Mar a better place to live, then you can see how an endowment translates into an infinite number of possibilities - limited only by the imagination of those who bring their great ideas to the Del Mar Foundation for a grant request.

We are always looking for ways to develop your vision for Del Mar. Join us as we shape our future grant making or develop a specific aspect of the Foundation's broad mission? Learn more about the great programs such as:

•  Cultural Arts programs, including First Thursdays monthly lectures and concerts and special performances

•  Children's events held regularly throughout the year

•  Family Beach Picnic at Powerhouse Park

•  Summer Twilight Concert Series

•  Management of $500,000 endowment for future San Dieguito Lagoon Maintenance, and management of the recently-launched Del Mar Foundation Community Endowment.

from our annual supporters like Doug and Ann Allred, the Chory Worland Family or Ira and Rose-Ann Sharp.


  • Lynn and Charlie Gaylord
  • Rosanne and Joel Holliday
  • Albert and Gay Hugo-Martinez


  • Darrese and Sam Borgese
  • Jacquelyn and Richard Earnest


  • Cornelia and Joe Bruderer-Schwab
  • Kathy and Jerry Finnell
  • Chuck Freebern
  • Kim and Mark Filanc
  • Jack Filanc
  • Emily and Cory Grant
  • Carol and Richard Hertzberg
  • Carl and Sharon Hilliard
  • Cliff and Eileen Huffman
  • Theresa Jarvis
  • Patti and Joe Jelley
  • Carolyn and Tom Kling
  • Jill and Scott MacDonald
  • Van and Joan Mankwitz
  • Grace and Don Oster
  • Nancy Stoke
  • Alice and Joe Sullivan
  • Kenneth Swanson
  • Pat and Jack Thomas
  • Tom and Deborah Tucker
  • Z. J. Waxenberg
  • Betty Wheeler and Dwight Worden