november 13, 2008


Del Mar Foundation Writes A Thank You Note…


By Shelley Moore


I can not believe it is Thanksgiving already!  As 2008 and the Del Mar Foundation’s Founding Endowment Campaign nears an end, it is fitting that we give thanks!  I am reminded of early lessons on writing thank you notes.   The ones that my mother made me write on my “very own” stationary.  It is also a special treat to receive that special type of “hold in your hand” acknowledgement letter.  You know the one that includes all the parts you would be graded on in elementary school.

November 20, 2008

Gay and Albert Hugo-Martinez

Personal Salutation:
Dear Gay and Al,

Topic Sentence/Expression of Gratitude:
Thank you for your generous support as Founding Endowment Champions.

Detail Sentences/Use of Gift:
Your gift is helping provide the community with long term funding stability for Del Mar activities and grants.  You are providing a significant and lasting investment in the Del Mar Community for generations to come.

Detail Sentences/Mention Meaning or Significance:
Your bold founding gift now, when there are many community needs, has certainly raised the bar for the entire community and serves as a catalyst for the endowment.  You have supported so many great causes in Del Mar this year.  Including the Del Mar Foundation in your philanthropic plan for the next four years ensures that your legacy of giving continues forever.

Closing/Additional Thanks:
On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for helping launch this major community enhancing initiative.


The Del Mar Foundation has been fortunate to have sent so many thank you letters like that this year.  And because you can never say thank you enough…

Thank you Founding Endowment Circle members:

Founding Endowment Circle
Champions $50,000
Lynn & Charlie Gaylord
Rosanne & Joel Holliday
Gay & Albert Hugo-Martinez

Leaders $25,000
Darrese & Sam Borgese
Jacquelyn & Richard Earnest

Benefactors $10,000
Molly & David Begent
Alice Brown
Cornelia & Joe Bruderer-Schwab
Susan & Tony Childs
Dean Meredith Architecture, AIA
Becky & Walter Dembitsky
Kim & Mark Filanc
Jack Filanc
Kathy & Jerry Finnell
Chuck Freebern
Barbara Freeman
Rolande & Edward Fyfe
Emily & Cory Grant
Arlene Harris & Martin Cooper
Carol & Richard Hertzberg
Sharon & Carl Hilliard
Diane & Bryan Holker
Eileen & Cliff Huffman
Theresa Jarvis
Patti & Joe Jelley
Jim Kennedy
Carolyn & Tom Kling
Lisa & Stephen Lutz
Jill & Scott MacDonald
Joan & Van Mankwitz
Grace & Don Oster
Sharon & Bill Scheele
Nancy Stoke
Alice & Joe Sullivan
Kenneth Swanson
Pat & Jack Thomas
Deborah & Tom Tucker
Z.J. Waxenberg
Betty Wheeler &
Dwight Worden
Burnett Wohlford
Dana Wohlford & Phil Kidd

What is the best thank you, you have ever received?  Let me know by emailing me at  I believe the best thank you is one of deed or action, like the reasons so many of the people on the list above have joined the Del Mar Foundation’s Endowment.  Joining the Founding Endowment Circle is a way of saying thank you for the Del Mar community you live in and the Del Mar Foundation’s work.