August 1, 2003


Auction of Painted Horses to benefit Del Mar Foundation

By Lynn Gaylord

All around Del Mar this week and over at the racetrack, you should be able to see ten beautifully painted and embellished fiberglass horses. These horses, part of the Payasada art project, will be going on the auction block August 10 & 11 at Horsepark beginning at 6:00 p.m.

The occasion for the auction is the annual CTBA Yearling Sale. The proceeds from the auction of the Payasada horses will benefit the Del Mar Foundation which funds cultural arts activities as well as the junior lifeguard program and other civic projects in town.

If you wander over to Ocean Song Gallery you will see "Flower Power" done by world famous artist and costume designer Zandra Rhodes. Her vibrant pink touch is unmistakable!

Standing on the corner of 15th Street in front of L'Auberge is "Ticket to Show" with his classy flip-flops and sunglasses done by Lucinda Foy. Look closely and you will see his winning ticket in his Hawaiian shirt pocket.

"Horse of a Different Color" was the inspiration of Lauren Jackson and can be seen at the Torrey Pines Hilton. "I was amazed when I heard how many colors that horses come in and my mind immediately leapt to doing a scrabble board." I promise you will be impressed.

Del Mar's own lifeguard, Mark Rathsam, called his horse "Del Mar's Finest" doing a unique view of Del Mar from the hill on one side of his foal and then a second view of Del Mar from the ocean on the other side. There's a lot of buzz on this little foal and she/he can be seen at City Hall. Be sure to stroll on down during regular city hall business hours. It's worth the trip.

If modern art is your taste, you won't want to miss "Modern Circles" at Union Bank in downtown Del Mar. This life-size horse was the creation of Daniel Peregrine who has worked in mixed media for over twenty years. What a gem.

Willis Allen is stabling "Steed Surreal" by Anita Edman. This precious multi-colored foal is a joy to behold in the window.

The Del Mar Plaza which has played host to many of the horses over the month has "Son of Del Mare" at the Del Mar Arts Center. This wonderful horse was done by Claudia Mueller Swanson who has a broad international background in art and design.

Stroll on over to the racetrack and you can see three more fabulous works of art. Done in red, white and blue is "Patriot" by Lucinda Foy. "Good Fortune" by Kathy Kenyon is unmistakable in its oriental feel. And not to be missed is "Gypsy Rose" by Ann Smith. They are just delightful!

If you have any questions about the auction or how to submit a silent bid, please call the Del Mar Foundation at (858) 404-0580 or log onto our new website at and click on "Payasada" which means "horseplay" loosely translated in Spanish. See you at the Horsepark!

Lynn Gaylord is President of the Del Mar Foundation.