August 15, 2003


Giving to the Community -
Harvest Ranch Market and En Fuego

By Lynn Gaylord

This Tuesday evening, August 19, the Del Mar Foundation will present the third Twilight Concert of the summer when the high energy band, "Island Fever" serves up salsa, samba, calypso, jazz and more. Their saucy blend of Caribbean and California style is sure to warm your heart and lift your spirit.

The best part of the evening, though, is if you were lucky enough to order a picnic dinner from the Foundation for the concert when you saw this column last week. Harvest Ranch Market and En Fuego are teaming up to provide picnic dinners for four plus two bottles of wine for those who make a donation to the Del Mar Foundation of $150.

John Wingate, owner of En Fuego Restaurant, says "Giving to the community this way via the Del Mar Foundation is just our way of saying thank you for all that the community does to support us. We've been a big sponsor of the Twilight Concerts for a long time. The community supports us and we support them."

When I was visiting with John, manager Kristen Smith, and head chef Todd Castner, I really felt like they were one big happy family - all willing to help out wherever needed. "John (Wingate) is just the greatest person to work for because he really believes in keeping his staff happy, his patrons happy, and the community coming back. I drive all the way from Hemet just because this is such a great place to work," commented chef Todd Castner.

Now that is devotion!

The same could be said about the management team at Harvest Ranch Market in the Plaza. When I stopped in to pick up some wine from their fabulous selection and a few of their delicious Kobe beef N.Y. strip steaks for a special occasion, I met manager Tim Cody. I interrupted him from his helping the staff unload a huge truck of fresh produce. Including him, each employee helps out wherever needed - the real sign of "a family."

"We have specialists, though, in each department to help our clients find just the right ingredient or select the perfect cut of meat or bottle of wine. We really are a special occasion store but also able to provide the quart of milk or deli sandwich which we know is important to our clients." Tim has been in the Del Mar Plaza since last August when he moved up here from Jonathan's Market in La Jolla. He echoed the commitment that the Market feels towards the community. "I feel it is important for businesses to give back to the community which supports them. There is a give and take. We are more than happy to help out the Del Mar Foundation with the picnic dinners."

So, if you have not ordered your picnic dinner, you may want to hurry and give the Foundation a call at (858) 404-0580. And don't forget to frequent our businesses in town. Their survival is dependent on us and our appreciation of them. The Foundation can only afford to do what we do in the community like the concerts when we have such wonderful support from the businesses. Thank you En Fuego! Thank you Harvest Ranch Market! You are both the greatest!

Lynn Gaylord is president of the Del Mar Foundation and has ordered her dinner!