August 22, 2003


Workshop for non profits sponsored by Del Mar Foundation

By Lynn Gaylord

Many of us who serve on community organization boards do so out of a love of serving the community and helping others. For the most part we have not a clue what it means to have the fiduciary or legal responsibility which goes along with that job.

What kind of accounting procedures are we supposed to follow? How about records? May we use donated funds obtained for one cause for another purpose within the organization? What about liability insurance? Do we need to file an annual report with someone? What is the difference between a 501c 3, 4, 5 or 6, etc?

Here is our chance to educate ourselves.

The Del Mar Foundation is sponsoring a seminar/workshop which will feature prominent experts in their field. Terry Kilpatrick, a lawyer, from Worden, Williams, Richmond, Brechtel & Kilpatrick will present the legal obligations and responsibilities of which nonprofit Board members should be aware. He has extensive experience in land use and planning matters, business formation (for profit and not for profit corporations), real estate, and civil litigation.

Joining him will be Ron Mitchell and Elsa Romero from the accounting firm of Grice, Lund & Tarkington. Mr. Mitchell, an experienced certified public accountant and a nonprofit board member himself at Tri-City Medical, has many years experience working with nonprofit boards. He will be able to answer all kinds of questions regarding board members fiscal responsibilities. There will be a presentation and then time for questions.

"Workshop for Non Profit Organizations"
Saturday, September 6, 2003
9 - 12 noon, coffee at 8:30 AM
Del Mar Powerhouse
Community Center
Reservations are necessary
Please phone (858) 404-0580

The workshop is free and open to anyone who would like to attend. Submitting questions in advance, however, would be very helpful to the presenters. Please leave questions on the Del Mar Foundation phone or under "Contact" at .