june 6, 2003



Where art meets the turf meets the surf

By Lynn Gaylord

Got any plans for Saturday afternoon June 14 between 4 - 6 p.m.? How about a stroll on our beach to see 10 fabulously painted horses temporarily "stabled" on ocean front decks? I promise it will be a lot of fun. The possibilities for a surprise "Del Margarita" or the chance to play scrabble with the artist of "A Horse of Different Colors" is definitely there.

The Del Mar Foundation does request that you start your tour at Jake's Del Mar where maps will be given with a donation of $10 per person which includes refreshments. Then meander on down the beach looking for the horses. It doesn't get better than a glass of wine, a good sunset, and a stroll to see these very creative works of art. The horses will be auctioned off at the CBTA yearling sale on August 10 & 11 at Horsepark for the benefit of the Del Mar Foundation.

So who are these artists chosen by the "Payasada - HorsePlay" Committee of the Del Mar Foundation to do these life-size fiberglass horses?

Anita Edman of Encinitas exhibits her paintings, graphic art and metal sculpture all over and was the winner of the 1998 Solana Beach City Poster contest.

Lucinda Foy of Escondido is an artist and designer with 20 years experience. She shows her work in the Kindred Spirits Art Studio.

Lauren Jackson of Del Mar has won awards for her work in acrylics and computer art. Her work can be seen at the Offtrack Gallery in Encinitas.

Kathy Kenyon is an acrylic and mixed media artist and printmaker. She has exhibited all over San Diego County.

Daniel Peragine exhibits his most recent works at Susan Street Gallery and Del Mar Art Center. He is a teacher as well as an artist in many mediums.

Mark Rathsam is an award winning mixed media artist who has exhibited at the Del Mar Art Center and the New Millennium Art Gallery. He is also a Del Mar lifeguard.

Zandra Rhodes of Del Mar and London is a world-renowned textile and costume designer. Her client list includes Princesses Diana, Anne, Margaret and Bianca Jagger.

Ann Smith of Coronado specializes in painting eclectic, functional art furniture and has won Emmys for her work in graphic design.

Claudia Mueller Swanson of Del Mar has a broad background in art and design, developing color schemes and designs for buildings all over the world. She exhibits from Taos to Del Mar.

Don't miss this chance to see these beautiful horses before they all head out to private owners. For now, they are for all of us to enjoy. Yes, Seattle has their pigs, Chicago has their bulls, New York has the cows, but we have the horses - right here where the turf meets the surf!

Lynn Gaylord is president of The Del Mar Foundation. If you would like to help with Del Mar Foundation projects, just call (858) 404-0580.