May 2, 2003



The horses are coming! The horses are coming!

By Lynn Gaylord

Chicago has the bulls. Seattle has the pigs. But Del Mar has the horses!

This Thursday evening, May 8th, at 5:30 pm in the Del Mar Plaza, there will be a party to mark the beginning of the Payasada/HorsePlay 2003 in Del Mar with the unveiling of ten fabulously painted and embellished fiberglass horses. And you are invited!

The competition was stiff from many artists and the chosen have been working feverishly for the last several months to complete their horses in time for this unveiling. We promise that you won't be disappointed when you see them. I was lucky enough this week to get a sneak preview of Zandra Rhodes' beautifully painted horse and it is stunning. Word is that another one of the horses is ready for the beach, flip-flops and all. I am in awe of the creativity and imagination that has gone into this project.

The word "Payasada" in Spanish loosely translates to "horseplay" or fooling around. A mother may say to her children to stop with the "payasada" if they are goofing off. We thought this was a very appropriate name as these playful horses hit the auction block on August 10 & 11 at the Del Mar Yearling Sale at nearby Horsepark. This is a project of The Del Mar Foundation and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club with the express purpose of promoting public art and to hopefully raise needed funds to carry out the good works of The Del Mar Foundation.

One of the stated missions of The Del Mar Foundation is to promote civic pride and cohesiveness while promoting cultural events. Does it get better than a glass of good wine, other Del Mar neighbors, a beautiful sunset, and the unveiling of these playful works of art? No way! So come on down to the Plaza next Thursday night and join us!

Lynn Gaylord is president of The Del Mar Foundation. If you would like to help with Del Mar Foundation projects, just call (858) 404-0580.