may 16, 2003


Partnering in art - everyone is a winner!

By Lynn Gaylord

Anyone who was at the Del Mar Plaza last Thursday evening for The Del Mar Foundation's unveiling of the 10 Payasada horses, knows just how special the event really was. One by one the sheets were lifted and you could hear the gasps from the audience and the clicks of the cameras. All around the patio you could hear, "Which one is your favorite?" or "I just can't believe the detail on the little foal." or "How did the artist get the flip-flops on the hooves?!"

Art has a marvelous way of making us see things differently. Serious art often begs us to question what is and what could be. Playful art makes us laugh and giggle. What is ever so apparent in these horses is the artists' creativity and vision with the project, whether serious or playful. I promise you will enjoy them! They are at various locations throughout the Del Mar Plaza for this month. Try to find all 10.

What probably wasn't known that evening was all the incredible hard work which led up to the unveiling. Ordering horses, selecting artists, and finding dates, all had to be coordinated. A committee of loyal believers has been working feverishly for one year to get all this ready for the big auction on August 10 & 11. Do thank them when you see them. The members are: Ingrid Hoffmeister (Chr.), Bill Michalsky (Chr.) T. Pat Stubbs (Chr.), Charlotte Aladjem, Tena Cohn, Ron James, Jo Ann Kilty, Kris Powell, Dick Raack, Randy Stoke, Stevie Strauss, Merna Sturgis, and Zus vanThillo.

In addition, and most importantly, The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and The Del Mar Plaza have been invaluable partners in this entire endeavor. We just couldn't have done it without them. The Thoroughbred Club provided storage space, transportation costs, and wonderful guidance via their marketing & operations departments. They carefully mounted horses to bases, primed these four-legged creatures for the ten artists to embellish, and much more. For the unveiling at the Plaza it was Pacifica and Il Fornaio who graciously provided refreshments. We thank the local press for all the publicity too! We are all winners when art plays such a central role in bringing us together as a community. Thank you partners!