may 23, 2003


Building community - moms with ideas and energy

By Lynn Gaylord

Last Wednesday I wandered by the Powerhouse to peek in on a meeting of the Children's Committee of The Del Mar Foundation. Sure enough, there were the moms, or at least those who survived the horrendous traffic jams caused by the falling crane on I-5. They were busily outlining the upcoming events for families in Del Mar, everything from a Bingo Night to a Luau to a community service project.

Chairwoman, Claire McGreal, said, "Our goal is to engender community spirit and we are doing this by organizing activities that are both fun and educational for children." Some of the activities will involve parties and parades around the holidays while others might be educational in nature like past Marine Exploration Days.

One of the committee members, Beth Westburg, is hoping to start art classes in the Powerhouse for different age groups. This would be especially appealing during the winter months when things slow down a bit. Family movie nights are planned for the winter months as well.

Another hope is that there might be a cooperative effort in town with the newly formed Del Mar Village Association, like a Halloween Parade through the village and perhaps a Halloween window painting contest; all to be announced at a future time. Keep posted by looking for flyers at the Del Mar Library, Powerhouse Community Center, and City Hall.

So where do these moms get all their energy, in spite of their "harried" look? They assured me in unison that they have their moments. Almost uniformly dressed in gym clothes, these spirited and enthusiastic moms all agreed that they do it for the love of their children and building a better community here in Del Mar. We are the lucky beneficiaries of their hard work. Thank you Children's Committee of the Del Mar Foundation for all that you do!

P.S. They would love a few dads on the committee for any who is so lucky to call his time his own.

Lynn Gaylord is president of The Del Mar Foundation. If you would like to help with Del Mar Foundation projects, just call (858) 404-0580.