october 17, 2003


Foundation acts as fiscal sponsor

By Lynn Gaylord

Back in the Fall of 2002, multi-media artist and garden expert Pat Welsh came to the Del Mar Foundation with this idea to put a mixed-media mosaic on the concrete wall surrounding the Library on Camino del Mar. Subsequently, Pat was introduced to Betsy Schulz and the two of them worked together to plan, design and create the mural and raise funds. She asked if the Del Mar Foundation with its nonprofit status would be the project's "fiscal sponsor" so that donations could be made to the project. We answered with a unanimous yes!

It seems that someone at a recent Del Mar Garden Club meeting had said, "I wish we could do something about that awful wall in front of the Library." Pat's wheels started to spin. She had recently finished a mosaic wall in her own garden and knew she could do something similar. Wanting to keep it rustic and very much tied to the city's proximity to the sea, she began to envision a wall which would include native birds, trees, plants, and objects from Del Mar's past.

With 80 volunteers and less than a year later, the wall is complete and very much the pride of Camino del Mar. With initial grants from the City of Del Mar and County Supervisor Pam Slater, the idea to sell terra cotta fish was dreamed up to make up the difference in order to complete the project. The Del Mar Times suggested we publish the idea in the paper. The money started coming in for the project. And coming in. And coming in! So much so, that a surplus in funds was created.

After putting a sum aside for any required wall maintenance, it was decided by the project's designer that the Del Mar Foundation would cut checks on the remaining funds to further beautify downtown Del Mar and to keep our Library a vibrant part of the community. With gratitude to the two project managers and designers, Pat Welsh and Betsy Schulz, to all the volunteers and members of the Del Mar Garden Club, the Foundation is happy to pass along the excess funds ($17,000) to the Del Mar Garden Club for streetscape and related projects and to the Friends of the Library. Great work everyone! The Del Mar Foundation is proud to have been a part of the project!

Lynn Gaylord is president of the Del Mar Foundation. Log onto www.DelMarFoundation.org to find out the latest.