october 24, 2004


Sullivan retires from Foundation Board

By Lynn Gaylord

Joe Sullivan joined the board of the Del Mar Foundation in 1996 after leading the successful fundraising campaign to acquire and remodel the St. James building for the Del Mar library.

"Volunteering for the Del Mar Foundation is really a selfish undertaking," according to Joe. "After all, our purpose is to improve and enhance our own community and lifestyle. We are fortunate that many people are willing to commit their time, effort, and money to the cause."

Joe served two years as treasurer and two years as president of the Foundation. What I liked best about serving with Joe is that he asked commitment from us for various tasks or projects and then left us alone to manage them. He was never in there micro-managing a delegated task. The sign of a great leader in my opinion.

"I think it is important to 'institutionalize' the activities of community groups," Joe says, "so that the tribal wisdom and ways of doing are passed along as volunteers come and go. Otherwise, we are 'reinventing the wheel' every three years."

During Joe's tenure the 20-year-old bylaws were updated, bookkeeping was professionalized, a committee structure was put in place, grant policies were codified, and a website was launched (www.delmarfoundation.com ). Under his leadership the board was expanded from seven to fifteen members.

"The most visible accomplishment of my time on the board was the successful campaign, under Barbara Harper's leadership, to renovate the Powerhouse for use as a Community Center. The Powerhouse has exceeded our expectations as a focal point for a variety of activities for people of all ages."

"I am also proud of the role we played in organizing Community Connections and the Village Association, bringing back the End of Summer Picnic, and facilitating public art projects such as the Hubbell Sculpture, the Library Wall and the annual Payasada horseplay display. I would like everyone to know that the Foundation door is always open to people who want to organize a community improvement project."

"My proudest accomplishment as a board member," according to Joe, "is knowing that I have played a significant role in organizing the Board and recruiting such great members that they won't even notice I have retired."

Well, Joe, we do miss you already but know that you will be instrumental in our newly founded Director's Circle, a board made up of past board members! We hope to get that started the first of the year.

Lynn Gaylord is president of the Del Mar Foundation and encourages all to log onto that new website www.DelMarFoundation.org