november 5, 2004


Del Mar Foundation thanks Terwilliger and Stubbs for their service

By Lynn Gaylord

The Del Mar Foundation Board is one of the more unusual non-profits in town in that directors have term limits. An elected member serves a three-year term, renewable once, for a maximum of six years. Both Don Terwilliger and T. Pat Stubbs have given their hearts to the Foundation for a full six years and will be missed terribly when they go off the Board this month.

As many in Del Mar know, Don was raised here in town and went to school here. He found his fame and fortune in Hollywood and Las Vegas before retiring to Del Mar. A natural storyteller, Don can keep an audience spellbound as he recently did during Del Mar History Week with his stories of celebrities and the racetrack.

In 1999 when the Foundation decided to form the Cultural Arts Committee to fill the newly restored Powerhouse Community Center with lectures and concerts, it was Don who rose to the occasion from the start. As fellow committee member Chuck Freebern recently said, "Don's background in dance and show business has been extremely useful and though he leaves the DMF Board, we are pleased that he will continue to serve as a valuable member of the Cultural Arts Committee."

Another native, T. Pat Stubbs is most well-known around town for his wonderful voice over the microphone at the Summer Twilight Concerts in Powerhouse Park. From the time T. Pat came on the Board six years ago, his passion has been organizing the concerts, lining up the bands, and making sure everything runs smoothly. He promises that even though he is going off the Board, he will be around to help out under the big Foundation tent. Thank you T. Pat!

When asked what one of his favorite Foundation moments was, T. Pat remarked: "It has to be the day Bill Michalsky and I carried a huge fiberglass Payasada horse dressed in an aloha shirt and huge sunglasses across Camino Del Mar at 15th Street. We were trying to keep the artists' horses moving around town on display for maximum exposure." In typical T. Pat style, he continued with why this was so funny: "It is so great to share a smile and a laugh with your neighbor and not take life too seriously."

Barbara Myers, president of the Del Mar Foundation this year made these comments about Don and T. Pat. "Don has brought the history of our city to the Del Mar Foundation and that has helped us move forward to our next steps. T. Pat has been an involved advocate for Del Mar and has been instrumental in bringing new ideas to the Del Mar Foundation. We value the many contributions that T. Pat and Don have brought to us and look forward to their continued dedication to our community." Here! Here!

Lynn Gaylord is past president of the Del Mar Foundation. For information about the Foundation and to view upcoming events, log onto or call (858) 635-1363.