April 13, 2007


Deep-freeze at First Thursdays

by Priscilla L. Fawcett

Emperor penguins of Antarctica illustrated their steadfast and marching lifestyle at the Del Mar Powerhouse for the April 5 First Thursdays event, sponsored by the Cultural Arts Committee of the Del Mar Foundation.

Paul Ponganis, MD PhD, presented with lectures and slides, the extreme survival dynamics of Emperor penguins as they interacted with glaciers, temperatures and natural disasters, descending to radical ocean depths while tolerating oxygen deprivation - all the while nurturing family. Ponganis noted that, "understanding how penguins adapt to such severe circumstances may provide clues for understanding more about human physiology."


Mai Lon Gittelsohn, Anne Marie Ebeling, Marc Gittelsohn
and Karen Lockwood


Members of the Cultural Arts Committee Chuck Freebern,
Charlotte Aladjem and Helen Glaser


Judd Westover, left, and Dr. Paul Ponganis