october 12, 2007


The fabulous Gershwins at First Thursdays

by Priscilla L. Fawcett

"It's a wonderful, marvelous." spell-binding musical and personal history of the 19th Century phenomenon George and Ira Gershwin that was celebrated at St. Peter's Church for First Thursdays, Oct. 4. Sponsored by the Cultural Arts Committee of the Del Mar Foundation, the concert created a unique collaboration of its own with renowned pianist and UCSD music professor Cecil Lytle, the insightful humor of actor and Del Mar resident Arthur Wagner, and enhanced by Bert Turetzky on bass and Ronnie Stewart on drums.

Of the program, Lytle summarized their performance, as it was brilliantly evident: "We seek to reveal a side of their profession and personal lives through their music and letters to, from, or about the Gershwins."


Arthur Wagner, Cecil Lytle and Ronnie Stewart


Joyce Ashe, with Barbara and Richard Stephens


George Webb, Joel Holliday and Zus VanThillo


Arlene Lighthall, Cathy Finnell and Penny Abell