September 14, 2007


Season Debut of First Thursdays

by Priscilla L. Fawcett

"New Flamenco" music heralded the 8th season of First Thursdays at the Del Mar Powerhouse on September 6. Sponsored by the Cultural Arts Committee of the Del Mar Foundation, celebrated husband and wife artists Javid and Naoko with pungent accompaniment featured the virtuosity of classical guitar to probe tunnels of sensual rhythms created by timely percussion. The performance featured medleys of familiar tunes rendering distinctive flavors of traditional Flamenco, Afro-Cuban and Mid-Eastern cadences. The evening's joyous climax was highlighted by Javid's vocal presentation.

Zus van Thillo and Lisa Lutz at First Thursdays on Sept. 6


Doris Worthington with son Kit


Carol Kerridge, left, Phyllis Mirsky and Sherryl Parks


Flamenco sounds with the Javid and Naoko