bylaws  |  financial summary

Board members June 2017

Front Row (Left to Right): Sandra Hoyle, Judd Halenza, Alice Brown, Amanda Allen, Michael Halpern,
T. Pat Stubbs

Back Row (Left to Right): Richard Bockoff,
Karla Deerinck, Bob Gans, Steve Lutz, Donna Shaw,
Bill Morris, Ira Sharp



President: Bob Gans

Vice-President/Treasurer: Ira Sharp

Secretary: Sandra Hoyle

Immediate Past President: Judd Halenza



Board Members

Amanda Allen

Sharon Bockoff

Alice Brown

Karla Deerinck

Bob Gans

Michael Halpern

Judd Halenza

Sandra Hoyle

Steve Lutz

Bill Morris

Ira Sharp

Donna Shaw

T. Pat Stubbs

Jill Wheeler


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Financial Summary

The DMF's Federal tax return for 2014 in pdf format   2014 Federal Tax Return

The DMF'S 2016 Annual Report

The DMF'S 2015 Annual Report

The DMF's 2014 Annual Report

The DMF's 2013 Annual Report

The DMF's Federal tax return for 2013 in pdf format   2013 Federal Tax Return

The DMF's Federal tax return for 2012 in pdf format  2012 Federal Tax Return

The DMF's 2012 Annual Report

The DMF'S Federal tax return for 2011 in pdf format  2011 Federal Tax Return

The DMF's 2010 Annual Report

The DMF's 2010 Tax Returns in PDF format.  2010 Tax Return

The DMF's 2009 Annual Report in PDF format  2009 Annual Report
Form 990 for 2009 Form 990 for 2009

The DMF's 2008 Annual Report in PDF format   2008 Annual Report
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