The Foundation supported The Beach Safety Center with an initial $35,000 grant, followed by a $10,000 matching grant that was fully matched by the Del Mar community.
The Dogs of Del Mar Calendar generated significant funds to support the Foundation and its grantmaking program.

The Del Mar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) California nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to promoting civic pride and community cohesiveness, acquiring and preserving open space, improving beaches and parklands,
raising and granting funds, and sponsoring diverse cultural programs and community events in Del Mar.

The Foundation offers grants to support
Organizations and projects/activities that
further these objectives.

Examples of Foundation grants include:

  • Del Mar’s Junior Lifeguard Program
  • Funds toward Del Mar Library restoration
  • Funds toward Powerhouse restoration
  • Funds toward Beach Safety Center construction
  • Funds toward Shores Property purchase
  • Support for public gardens (Post Office, City Hall, 17th St. Boardwalk garden)
  • Lagoon Day educational programs for children

The Foundation gives preference to projects, activities, and direct provision of services to, for, and within Del Mar that fit within and further its mission, and to Del Mar organizations
that do not have ready access to other sources of funding.  Priority is given to not-for-profit entities.  The Foundation is also willing to
support organizations in other ways, such as providing organizational fundraising and marketing expertise as well as “seed” funding for fundraising and other on-going activities.

The Foundation accepts grant applications AT ANY TIME.  An applicant may apply as often as needed.  The Grant Application Review Committee will notify applicants within eight weeks.  Each grantee shall provide documentation of the use of funds received from the Foundation within 30 days of the end of the Term of Agreement.

  • Complete the Del Mar Foundation Grant Application form.  This form may be downloaded below.
  • Submit the completed Grant Application Packet according to instructions listed on the application and send via email to :

Receipt of your Grant Application package will be acknowledged via email and you will be contacted by a member of the Grants Committee should there be any questions or need for additional information.

Free Flight Bird Sanctuary: a recent grant recipient Post Office Wall: a grant to the Del Mar Garden Club helped fund this project.


Please review and use these documents when submitting a grant application:

  1. Del Mar Foundation Grant Request Guidelines
  2. Del Mar Foundation Grant Application

Here are examples of the Grant Agreement that grantees are required to sign, and the documentation requirements that apply to DMF grants:

  1. Del Mar Foundation Grant Agreement
  2. Del Mar Foundation Documentation of Grant Expenditures Instructions
  3. Del Mar Foundation Documentation of Grant Expenditures Form